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Sisyphus Metropolis

"If Aliosha had come to the conclusion that neither God nor immortality existed, he would immediately have become an atheist and a socialist. For socialism is not only a question of the working classes; it is above all, in its contemporary incarnation, a question of atheism, a question of the tower of Babel, which is constructed without God's help, not to reach to the heavens, but to bring the heavens down to earth."

                                                                                                         —Albert Camus《The Rebel》

When the Almighty loses its dominance in society, politics, especially under Totalitarianism, becomes the only religion. They are not enforcing moral value, an afterlife or a heaven. What only matters are utility and progress; a delusional future replaces heaven, building a Utopia that will never be completed. Justice is replaced by the will to power: they assume freedom is slavery for all.

A city that had been lost between day and night.

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